Saturday, November 13, 2010

(Video Review) Staying Current: Fantastic Four #584

(Editor's Note- I apologize for the lack of written reviews in recent times, but I'm finding these videos to be quite quick and easy. I promise to do something of a more literate nature with my next "box" review!)

Friday, November 12, 2010

One Year Later

The other night while thinking about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday (and more importantly, the upcoming 2 day work week), it dawned on me that Four Freedoms Plaza is almost a year old. To be honest, that kind of blows my mind. It blows my mind in different ways, both good and bad. Let's Examine:

Mind Explosion #1- I thought I'd be done with this site by now.

Call it naivete, but when I got the fabled "box" last year, I thought I would blow through it in a matter of mere months. I thought I would post reviews every couple of days, and throngs of readers would line up to follow whatever zany adventures both myself and the FF were encountering with each issue. Well, its been a real bear to make that kind of schedule, but surprisingly it's because....

Mind Explosion #2- Having This Site Inspired me to Try a Variety of Posts

After a summer of sitting around doing absolutely nothing but watching YouTube videos and reading comic spoilers, I decided to distance myself from all things Internet. After closing Hello Kello in August (pours some iced tea out for the fallen site), obliterating my Twitter account, abandoning Tumblr, and all but decimating my YouTube channel, I found that FF Plaza was one area I couldn't bring myself to slash and burn. And I think it has to do with the fact that there was so much I tried on this site.
Ben, your "purple rain" outfit has inspired me to try new things as well...

I mean, as if getting a hulking run of FF issues wasn't enough, I also went out and bought supplemental issues, one-shots, tie-ins, etc. These extras led to the creation of some features I'm rather fond of : "One-Shot Showdown", "Staying Current", and "Thinking Outside the Box", and also planted the seeds for the yet unseen "FF Funnies" and "The Many Faces of"(can't wait for that!)...Oh, and I stole my friend JT's "Poll Results" idea too, but apparently no one likes those posts. Thanks for nothing, buddy. Anyway, insert relevant segue here...

Mind Explosion #3- People are Looking to me for Fantastic Four Knowledge-

No Matter How Much I Read, I CAN'T Explain This

What is it with you people? Just because someone devotes a website, a sizable portion of their disposable income , and more importantly a large portion of their precious time within the annals of eternity talking about a specific comic book, it doesn't mean they like it!...Oh wait, it does? Dang. I guess it's just something I'll have to grudgingly accept that people now consider me some kind of Fantastic Four super fan. I still can't believe I didn't start a Flash review site(I would have called it Scarlet Speedster), because I would much rather be known as the "Flash guy" than the "(yawn)Fantastic Four Guy." But hey, it isn't all bad, leading me to....

Mind Explosion #4- I've had a lot of Fun with this Site over the Past Year-

Totally Worth the $1.10 I Spent on it!

I think if I could explain to the world at large that this site aims to take the FF with a grain of salt, they might see it how I see it, and love it for the larf that it is. But then I think if a lot of people appreciated this on the same level as me, I wouldn't think it's as fun. It's like my own corner of the net to go to and write stuff only I think is funny. So I guess my point is...don't tell your friends about the site??? Man, I'm weird. Go and tell people to spite me.

And if you're looking for rainy day recommendations, my favorite posts have got to be the First One Shot Showdown post, Alicia's "trip" to monster island in issue #296, the hellaciously good time had by Reed and Sue in issue #277, and of course, the moustache sucking fun of issue #307.

As always, I appreciate my readers, friends, and commenters. And another big thanks to Falisha for help with the site design. Here's looking forward to another great year at Four Freedoms!
"We're like the Jerry Lewis of Super Heroes"...Johnny, those words are more profound with each passing day.