Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Feature: Thinking Outside the Box

As you might know, this blog began as a way for me to document my progress as I read through a box full of 163 semi-sequential Fantastic Four comics. As you may also know, getting this many FF comics at one time ignited within me the need to go and track down as many cheap back issues as possible.

As I'm currently on vacation, I thought it would be good to try and fill in some holes in my collection. After perusing eBay for deals and oddities, as well as Prairie Dog Comics in Wichita, I've been able to get quite a few treasures. I think all in all, I've been able to get a snazzy Mike McKone poster, 2 full mini-series, 5 one-shots, and about 20 single issues. I even tracked down some of the issues that come directly after those that I already reviewed, so now I can see the resolutions to all those cliffhangers! I don't think I'll be retroactively reviewing anything, unless I somehow get through the stuff I have....yeah,right.

So in the future, any reviews of books that I got from a different source than THE box will be denoted as "Thinking Outside the Box." This way, I can differentiate between those from the original stack and those that I got out of comic lust.
Until I find a better way to use disposable income, vive le Fantastique!


  1. "comic lust"? So THAT'S what's wrong with me! A severe case of comic lust!

  2. Yeah, comic lust is a treatable, but not curable disease that effects many young men worldwide.