Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fantastic Four #276


  1. What a brilliant way to get around the whole lack of a scanner, Kello! Plus posting the vid here actually helps remind me about your Youtube site, which I'm always forgetting about...

    Anyway, this is another comic I have, although I can't remember if I have the next issue or not... This definitely wasn't one of my favorite Byrne FF books(which leads me to believe that I probably DON'T have the next issue!). You know, as good as John's FF run was, there were some moments that really bugged me, such as Reed moving the family up to Connecticut and of course Johnny moving in on Ben's girl. Hopefully you have the issue where Ben finds out, as well as issue #300, because I'd love to see what you thought about those moments.

  2. How could you forget KelloTube?! I thought it was so horrible that it burned itself into peoples' memories forever. At least that's my intention when I hastily make them....

    Yeah, I needed a way to quickly do another review over the weekend, I realized I could add some more variety to the site this way (a win-win!).

    Looking at my list, I seem to be missing 300 and 303. After finding that shop on eBay, I can easily remedy this problem.

    And lastly, I'm surprsed you didn't have anything to say about the She-Hulk post from a few days ago. I was really hoping you had read that issue.

  3. Aww Kello, don't be so harsh. If it makes you feel any better, Kellotube is the only thing I bother to check out on Youtube. I've always prefered reading articles to watching them, but for you, I'm happy to make an exception.

    I know #300 is the wedding issue, I'm not sure what #303 is, other then the fact that I know I have it. I think I have almost all of the 300's, straight through the end of the series. I think Ben finds out what Johnny had been up to in his absence in the 290's... But I could be wrong. It could have happened in one of the Thing's own series though. All I know is that I read it, I just can't remember where!

    Nah, that was one of the FF books I didn't have, which considering the content, probably doesn't surprise me much! I couldn't think of the words to express myself after reading about that one... The image of Johnny flying to his room to ogle some pictures of She-Hulk while wearing green tinted glasses just plain disturbs me...

    Well, here's hoping you have the issue where Ben discovers that the Matchstick was fooling around with his girlfriend, because I'm hoping for a good rant against Johnny from you after that!

  4. As always, I appreciate the loyalty, but don't make yourself suffer on account of me. I say stick with what you like, because that's what I would do!

    After you said issue 300 was the wedding, I remembered I had just read a reprint of it in the FF: Secret Invasion trade (which, as you know, stunk royally).

    Yeah, I don't need to get to a certain issue to go off on Johnny, I'll do that anytime. Haha.

  5. "Yeah, I don't need to get to a certain issue to go off on Johnny, I'll do that anytime." That's good to hear, because he really deserved it back in the day. I mean, I like Johnny and all(I even have that weird Human Torch series from the mid-2000's), but him and Alicia was just wrong on so many different levels...

  6. No kidding. Johnny and Alicia felt so unnatural. Seriously, who could do that to their supposed best friend? Thank goodness for Skrulls...

  7. "Thank goodness for Skrulls..." You can still say that after the unmitigated disaster that was the Secret Invasion?!? For shame Kello! :-)