Monday, June 28, 2010

"3"-The Mystery Deepens

I feel as if I should retract something from yesterday's post, entitled "what is '3?'". While Marvel Did release teaser images showing possible combinations of the new Fantastic 3, I failed to find and post ALL of the images. I incorrectly reported that it would be the Invisible Woman or Mr. Fantastic who would be killed off. As you can see from the images below, no one is safe from speculation:

Option 1- No Reed

Option 2- No Johnny

Option 3- No Ben

Option 4- No Sue

I originally thought Sue would be the one to die, but after pondering it a while, it's hard to say. I keep thinking that if Sue does indeed die, no one will be left to care for the children. But with Reed recently enrolling the kids in his own personal "Future Foundation", he may be there to pick up the pieces. Also, with Sue's death, the grief may drive Reed to ask the Future Foundation to do some questionable (a.k.a fun to read about) things. Call me a pessimist, but I just see the Future Foundation blowing up in Reed's face.

Anyway, I apologize for misinforming the masses (all 2 of you) about the possible outcome of this story. But look at it this way, with 2 more people who could possibly die, the story just got twice as interesting.
Until my math related jokes become funny, vive le fantastique!


  1. So your money is on Sue being the FFer to disappear for a while, right Kello? I can't dispute that logic. Reed probably doesn't make much sense, since he "died" last time, and you KNOW it's not going to be Ben, which leaves Johnny or Sue. Your logic with the kids makes me wonder though... Do you think Johnny could be the one to go? Storywise, I'd guess that he's probably the one with the fewest connections, and as such would be the easiest one to kill off/make disappear for a while. Well, whoever it turns out to be, I do have to say that if nothing else, at least this storyline has people talking about the FF! I mean, we're talking about it, right! :-)

  2. Yeah, it's great that someone wants to speculate! I wish more people were as jazzed about the FF as I am right now, but to each his own...

    I think the Johnny's death would lack an overall emotional impact within the story. Like you mentioned, he doesn't have as many connections to other characters, it's hard for me to see much weight in that scenario. But Reed, Sue, and even Ben (to a lesser degree with his Avengers appearances) all now play larger parts in the Marvel Universe.

    Thanks for reading and commenting X-Man, I appreciate it more than you know!