Sunday, June 27, 2010

What is "3?"

(Editor's Note- The following post contains spoilers...and fun!)

Spoiler images and solicitations for the Fantastic Four's next big storyline, simply entitled "3", have been popping up in interviews, at conventions, and online for months now. At first it was assumed (mostly by the editor of this distinguished weblog) that the storyline had something to do with Ben Grimm, the superhero known as the ever lovin blue eyed Thing, joining the New Avengers team. But now that the arc is drawing nearer, Marvel has unleashed some more cryptic warnings.

After reading an interview on ComicBookResources with writer Jonathan Hickman, it is revealed that the story will feature the war of the four cities, the resurgences of Galactus and Dr. Doom, and that through it's course one of the members of the team will die. Hickman went on to say that unlike previous times the team has lost a member and found a replacement, he will approach this loss with more of a "family-oriented" attitude. The approach makes sense, because if someone's little brother dies, they don't just go and get the neighbor kid to take his place. Marvel released these teaser images accordingly:

So it would appear that either Reed Richards or Susan Richards will no longer be on the team after issue #587. As it is comics, there is a good possibility that the change will not be permanent, and could just serve the story for a short time before being reversed. After all, there have been plenty of issues where one, more, or all of the cosmic quartet have died and been revived. The above images were done by the incomparable Steve Epting, who will be joining the book for the "3" arc. Many know the artist as the man who helped kill Steve Rogers, illustrating the now classic Captain America #25. Ifanboy had both those teaser images, as well as some preview pages, one of which can be seen below:

Things are certainly looking up for the "World's Greatest Comics Magazine." Until the book becomes Fantastic One, vive le fantastique!


  1. I remember totally falling for one of those "someone will die!!" gimmicks a few years back and picking up some one-shot where Sue died...except some alternate version of Johnny from the future came back in time and died in her place. The only thing saving it from being a total waste was the art, which I think was by Lee Weeks.

  2. Huh, so another member of the FF is going to bite the bullet... I think it's WAY past time for me to get back into reading the FF title... All I'm going to say is that I hope this death is a bit better than Reed's "death" back in the 90's. As a huge FFollower Kello, what do you think about one of the Four getting killed off? Sure, it's comics, and we all know this death will be FAR from permanent, but I hate the prospect of the FF minus one. Things have always felt a bit... off I guess whenever we lose a member of the Four. As FFan numero uno though, I'm dying to hear what you think and which member you think the team could best do without.

  3. Marc- You are very aptly describing the "Death in the Family" one-shot, a comic we may one day see in a one-shot showdown. Lee Weeks does indeed rule, and aside from it being a dollar, he totally sold me on the issue.

    X-Man- I didn't put it in the post because I couldn't find the quote anywhere online, but I'm pretty sure Marvel released some statement about "3" being the storyline where one of the members "breathes their last breath."

    If that statement does exist, I'm going to speculate that no one will actually "die" but Sue Storm will for some reason be forced to live in Atlantis (as she has been the ambassador there now for a few issues). It's one of those semantic things, as she won't be "breathing" conventionally anymore.

    However, if it really is death, I still have a feeling it's going to be Sue. I think she will sacrifice herself for mankind, because she is the voice of mankind.

    And yes, the Fantastic Four as a team of three seems totally wrong. As I've said before, there's no alliteration. "Thunderous Three", "Tremendous Trinity" maybe?