Friday, September 3, 2010

Poll Results: Favorite Non-Doom Villain

Welcome once again as we here at Four Freedoms pontificate upon the outcome of another pulse pounding poll! (by popular demand of course). I’m happy to report that there were 11, count em 11, votes on the latest question! I do believe with the double-digit turnout we may have set a new record for traffic here at the site. Hahaha, I kid, I kid….ok, not really.

Knowing that Dr. Doom transcends the bounds of being a FF-only villain (and thus would have an unfair advantage in terms of popularity), the previous poll asked “Who is your favorite Non-Doom FF villain?” The choices were between Psycho-Man, Puppet Master, Annihilus, Galactus, and Mole Man. With 7 of the 11 votes, Galactus absolutely “devoured” the competition!

To be honest, I was quite worried when I first posed the question, because Galactus got off to such a strong lead that I thought no other ne'er do well would garner a single vote. But thankfully we have some diverse tastes amongst our readers, and Puppet Master, Annihilus, and the Mole Man were shown some love.

Personally, I voted for Galactus. While I have a strange affinity for the Puppet Master (mainly due to the fact that he looks like a deranged version of Dopey from Snow White), I would much rather read a story that features the audacious purple helmeted “devourer of worlds” than some bald dude with clay.

I think the character design is what really draws me to the Big G, because he is a monstrosity in every sense of the word. His whole “larger than life” concept is really driven home by the fact that the heroes he interacts with are seemingly inconsequential to him. He’s condescending on a universal scale, and it’s kind of cool.

So to all who voted, thanks! If you feel comfortable sharing who you picked and why, please leave a comment. And I would be remiss to not plug our brand new poll, which asks “Favorite supporting FF character?” Until Galactus becomes a vegan, vive le fantastique!
(got the Galactus image Here)

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