Saturday, September 25, 2010

ZOMG Cheap Comics!

Hello FFans,

Your thrifty friend Kello here, to tell you that from September 25-30 there is a "Back to School" sale on a bunch of great comics over at Things From Another World. Most of the sale items are considered "nick and dent", which means they have some wear or tear. Although it may sound like the site is going to sell you a bunch of junk, I have bought these items and found no noticeable differences in quality.

I just spent about $100 and got 13 trades (including newer Captain America, Thor, and Punisher collections!) and 28 single issues.

And yes, there are plenty of FF comics on sale, too. Happy hunting!


  1. Thanks for the heads up Kello, my credit card and I are heading to that site right now!

  2. You're welcome X, I love sharing deals. I just couldn't believe how much actual good stuff was on sale. I got almost the etire Conan the Cimmerian run for .89 cents an issue!

  3. Just so you know, I spent a bit over $100 and ended up 19(!!)trades. I went through their entire stock of 70% off books and just kept tossing books into my cart(btw, you don't realize how many Star Wars trades Dark Horse has put out until you've been forced to sift through all of them...) So once again, I thank you for the heads up Kello(although my wallet is probably cursing you!), you've given me plenty of comics to take to school with me for those long breaks between classes.

  4. I love these TFAW sales. And at least half the time, the nick & dent stuff is in the same or better condition as you'd get from someplace like Amazon anyway!

  5. X-man- I know what you mean about an angry wallet, but I figure you've got to get the deals while they're good. I just wish I could have bought everything I originally put into my cart.