Monday, October 4, 2010

Staying Current (Audio Review)- Fantastic Four #583

In honor of the "3" arc finally getting underway, I wanted to do something a little special for this month's edition of "Staying Current." With take after failed take on my digital camera (many of them due to my beloved feline friends wanting their 15 minutes of fame on YouTube), I finally switched over to the voice recorder on my computer. Sit back, enjoy, and let me know what you thought of the issue!


  1. Nice, this is almost like a podcast (X-MAN!!!!) in the sense that ya just voice recorded it. You also explained this pretty well for a FF Noob like myself, especially the news about the Dead Galactus.

    Also, I'm gonna put in my vote that Reed dies, just because there's a ton of other alternate Reed's, of course this is one uninformed man's guess.

  2. I liked this Kello, very cool! And guess what? The stuff about Thing reverting to human form is what I saw online, though the way it was presented made me think they were saying that's how the arc would I guess the spoilers aren't out there yet after all (at least that I've seen).

    I liked this issue, even though I haven't read any of Hickman's previous FF issues. Sure there were details I didn't fully understand, but I didn't mind. I just viewed it as sort of "in media res" thing - I enjoyed the action and the scenes with Doom and Valeria and just figured there would be some more background info later. The only thing I couldn't figure out at all was the Galactus cliffhanger, so thanks for clearing that up.

    But yeah, overall I thought it was pretty good. And I agree with your wariness towards the whole idea of someone dying, since it's happened with the FF enough times to know that things'll eventually be reset to the traditional status quo. But hey, at least Marvel isn't making some big event out of this with tie-ins galore, so it's not all bad.

  3. JT- Reed being the one to die certainly isn't out out the question. Especially since Hickman's overall question for the past year has been "Is it better to sacrifice your inidividuality for the greater good?" Hickman used issue 579 to really launch Reed back into the idea that he has a greater purpose for the world around him, and this could ultimately lead to his death.

    Marc- I'm glad you liked it! I found out my computer can record stuff without an additional microphone, so I might be able to do Skype chats after all (I'll have to look into it)!

    I was quite interested to know what you, JT, and X thought of the book, given that you had read fewer of the recent issues. I'm still not sure why a dead Galactus from the future is such an issue, but apparently it's a bad thing.

  4. Hey great job Kello! I actually DID take the time to listen to the review and I really enjoyed it. Who knows, maybe I'll wind up stealing... ahem, borrowing this format to use myself.

    You know what's sad? I read the Millar run, listened to you try to explain the dead Galactus thing and I STILL don't know what's up with it! :D I'm currently kind of leaning towards nobody dying here/somebody getting killed off but immediately returned to life. But I will agree with you that if nothing else, even not fully understanding what was going on here, I am VERY curious to see how this storyline closes.

  5. I can see Reed being the one to go too, especially if our "Reed quota" would continue to be met on a regular basis thanks to all of the alternate Reeds anyway.

    The thing I was more confused about than where the dead Galactus came from (I just assumed that either it was an alternate version or that the real Galactus had died recently in the cosmic Marvel books or something) was the Surfer's reaction to it. Why would he find the death of Galactus "unacceptable" (I think that was the word he used)? He was the one who defied Galactus in an attempt to stop his planet-consuming ways in the first place, after all. So I'll be really interested to see what the Surfer's angle is in all of this.