Monday, October 4, 2010

(Really) Thinking Outside the Box: Fantastic Four #317

Although "thinking outside the box" normally refers to the fact that I'm reviewing an issue that was purchased after I received my initial box of 163 FF comics, this issue was pretty "outside the box" in any context. In fact, I reread it three times, and I'm not even going to try and explain it. Let me leave you with a few images from the book and we'll call it done:

Until the idea of 2 rocky creatures mating in deep space leaves my head, vive le fantastique...


  1. Creepy on so many levels. I still can't get over what a sleaze Johnny is, first by stealing Ben's girlfriend and now by basically wanting to cheat on her with someone else. And I won't even start about Thing and Ms. Marvel...

    Oh, and what's going in the second panel? Did the FF get trapped in an intergalactic pinball machine?

  2. I really dislike Ben's look around this time - all those spiky bumps - that can't be good when locking lips...

  3. Marc- I figured the less context the better. At this point Johnny's only been married for 17 issues- Hey Torch, way to go on that whole "monogamy" thing.
    Yes, the second panel is after the FF fought the Pinball Wizard and the Jukebox Hero. They only escaped the evildoers by Ben and Ms. Marvel causing the giant pinball machine to tilt uncontrollably. Actually, it's this artist's rendition of teleportation.

    Robert- I couldn't agree more. Despite the fact he finally got a girlfriend, this was a sad time in the history of the Thing...and the Fantastic Four in general.

    Thanks for the comments!

  4. The sad part is that I really believed your explanation of the "teleporting" panel until you got to the "actually" part. :)