Saturday, January 29, 2011

Staying Current (Audio Review) Fantastic Four #587


  1. I unfortunately had it spoiled for me WHO dies, but I still don't know how and kind of want to keep it that in conclusion, I have not actually listened to this review. Did you enjoy it though?

    Also, I hadn't heard from you in a while so I looked on your Youtube channel and saw you came out with a video a couple days ago. You gotta tell us these things, Kello, or else we'll never know!! Haha...

  2. Marc, I really enjoyed the issue as part of the overall story, but the hoopla with the death was a bit too much.

    As for the videos, I'm trying different things here and there. I've been missing talking to you all though, and I've been neglecting the Blogger world a little too much.

  3. World War Hulk was a good story with a lot of potential. Hulk was going to go back to Earth and get his revenge on Reed, Black Bolt,Dr. Strange, etc. But we got cheated out of a real story when Marvel made the decision to make the real bad guy a throwaway villain and the ending was weak tea.
    The Death of Captain America was worse because we knew he was coming back, thus cheapening his 'death'. He was coming back because of the movie.
    This 'death' was blatantly shown to leave an 'out' for this character.
    Marvel doesn't need excuses to do bad stories. They just need a printing press.
    Cap's return was a contrived sales gimmick on a lower level than his 'death'. It was silly and pointless.
    The Hulk's revenge on the Illuminati got turned into squashing a bug because Hulk is a cash cow for Marvel. Nothing wrong with that, but it's like getting a massage and no 'happy ending'.
    The 'dead' character will be back. The new "FF" looks ill concieved. If more than a lunchtime's thought was put into it, I would be surprised.
    And surprise isn't something we get from Marvel lately.