Wednesday, February 9, 2011

FF Revealed- Minds Blown with Spoilers

Hey all it's your frosty friend Kello here with a snow day posting of monumental Marvel magnitude! For months Marvel has been teasing us with the "FF" promo piece that showed nothing but a strange logo alongside the names of creators Jonathon Hickman and Steve Epting. Today it was announced that the new series would indeed be about the Future Foundation, and that none other than Spider-Man would be joining the ranks of Marvel's First Family. Below are some swiped images of the characters in their new costumes. I'm going to be the first to call Spider-Man "FantomPool."

Well....What do you think? Despite the Thing's new look, the concept of the title sounds interesting. My one big question is did the death of a member really necessitate this storyline? Couldn't the FF have joined the 21st Century without the "3" arc? Until Marvel asks for forgiveness for that shameless gimmick, vive la fantastique!


  1. They've suckered me in, I'm gonna have to check out FF #1. Damn you Marvel you wily S.O.Bs!

  2. I really like this look - it's more explorers than superheroes and that's the Fantastic Four to me.

    Hopefully the membership doesn't get to massive. It's just something I always thought was cool about the Four, that it was just the Four against these overwhelming odds.

    Looking forward to it either way!

  3. Man, Spidey is gonna be VERY busy eh? As for the costumes, they don't look too bad, but like you said I doubt Johnny's death needed to happen for this. I am interested in seeing how Spidey will deal with Johnny's death since they were almost like brothers.

  4. Thanks for the responses everyone!

    Paul- I have faith you'll enjoy the comic. The current run is so good, it might even help you forget about those blasted movies!

    Dan- I totally agree with you. The FF should be about exploration into the unknown parts of the Marvel Universe. I like the idea of a big cast though, with a rotating group of 4. It reminds me of a RPG.

    JT- I too think it will be very interesting to see how Spidey interprets the responsibility of joining the team. But he has a scientific background as well as a goofy side, so he seems like a logical replacement.

  5. Looks interesting to me, but I'll be shocked if this new Future Foundation title lasts beyond what would have been the Fantastic Four's 600th issue. We'll see, I guess!

    And I thought the exact same thing about Spidey's costume when I first saw it. He definitely looks like he should be a member of Uncanny X-Force in that outfit.

  6. I give up.
    Comics are dead to me now.

  7. I'm sorry to be the one to deliver this news Claude.

  8. Ben has skinny legs! I wanna read it just for that!