Sunday, August 1, 2010

4 Goals for Four Freedoms

Hey True Believers, FFans, REEDers, Thing-A-Majigs, SUEthsayers, Torch Bearers, etc. It's Four Freedoms Plaza editor (and your friend) Kello here with a magnificent magnitude-shaking memorandum that is memorable in the mighty Marvel manner!

This past week I decided to refine the way I spend my time online. I closed down my twitter, deleted most of my Youtube videos, and made the announcement that I'll be deleting my other blog at the beginning of September. While those sites are being dismantled, I've also been cooking up ways to improve Four Freedoms. Here are some goals I hope to accomplish on this blog in the near future:

1.) Shorter posts- Less is more, right? The problem with having a site that reviews older material is that a majority of the readers don't have access to the actual comics. I hope to give enough background in each post that my reviews makes sense to the casually reader, without making everyone wade through 40 paragraphs of text.

2.) More Updates- More is more, right? I hope to post to this site at least once a week, which may not sound like much, but in reality is a lot more frequent than my current schedule.

3.) More Varied Material- Comic strips, video reviews, lists, as well as the previously established features: "One-Shot Showdown" , "Staying Current", and "Thinking Outside the Box".

4.) Make this a Site that all Types of Comic Fans Feel Welcome to Read -I'm not a die-hard FF fan by any means. I'm just a guy who bought a ton of comics for cheap, and wanted to document the experience of reading them. I think that lack of "blind allegiance" to the characters makes me more objective, and actually helps me find new ways to make fun of some of the material.

If it sounds like I'm just shifting a lot of what I used to do at Hello Kello over here, then you're very astute. But I hope you'll stick with the site and show some love through the comments section. I would be interested in any suggestions or feedback readers have. Want to see more or less of something? Want me to shut my yap and just talk about comics? Want fanfic of Ben marrying Crystal and going to live on Jupiter? Well... 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

So until the whole world reads this blog, vive le fantastique!


  1. "Hey True Believers, FFans, REEDers, Thing-A-Majigs, SUEthsayers, Torch Bearers, etc." = Honestly, the best opening line EVER.

    I like that this is more of you merging two blogs than killing off HK, and I like the ideas you mentioned for the blog. I'm kinda shocked ya closed your Twitter, especially after the Jim Lee fiasco :P but I'm very interested in seeing where things go from here.

    Also, L.O.L./Fantatic Four crossover anyone? :-)

  2. I second the opening line remark - that was, well, fantastic - no pun intended.

    I'm only new to the blog so my opinion might not count for much but smallish posts, and regular features that you can create in advance so you can have some in the bank, for times when life's far too hectic to blog is always a sweet idea.

    But definitely do something with that opening line... that's priceless.

  3. Wow Kello, you must have some Stan Lee in you! That opening line was awesome!

    I'm going to have to second JT, I'm pretty surprised to read that you've closed down the Twitter account. I knew about HK, but the Twitter thing was a pretty big shocker.

    As for the post size, I have no problem with the length of your posts. So long as you fill the reviews with your snarky(and hilarious!)comments, it's all good. You have the inane ability to take something I've read years ago and make super entertaining.

    Oh, and you know I'd be all for a FF/LOL x-over event. :-)

  4. Thanks for the comments and feedback everyone (JT, Dan, and X). As for the opening, X-Man is correct, I was typing in Stan Lee's native tongue of "Stanish." I'm currently learning all the cognates and masculine/feminine versions of the words to try and incorporate a more diverse crowd.

    Twitter lost its appeal to me, mostly because I peaked at the number of followers I was getting. That, and it became more about me than comics, which is something I wanted to avoid. Making fun of Snapper Carr is one thing, but telling people how hungry I am for pancakes crosses a personal boredom threshold.

    As for the Legion comic, I'm considering what to do with it. That's why I gave myself a month to close down Hello Kello, in case I wanted to tie up lose ends. I will say that most of the great current comic books seem to get cancelled before their times...

  5. Aww Kello is getting down to business!!! Hey man, it all sounds like a good plan. Sometimes you have to eliminate the other things to focus on what you want to be most successful. :)

    So I definitely can't wait to see how things get kicking on FFP.