Sunday, August 15, 2010

Poll Results: Favorite FF Member

I want to thank everyone who voted on the most recent poll, which asked "Who is your favorite member of the FF?" Out of 9 votes (a record high for this site, I believe), we had a three way "runner up" tie between Ben, Johnny, and Sue.

This of course means that the one and only Mr. Fantastic was crowned the top vote getter. I think it's no secret that Reed is my favorite member of the FF, so I'm considering my vote the tie-breaker. After all, why have your own blog if you can't fix the poll results? I kid, I kid.

Reed has a "Die Hard" moment.

Anyway, thanks again to all the loyal FFans out there for voting. I would be quite interested in knowing which readers picked which heroes and why. Oh, and don't forget to vote on the new poll, which asks about the best "non-Doom" FF villain. So until they release "Live Reed or Die Hard", vive le fantastique!


  1. Stealing my gimmick eh Kello? :P Kidding buddy, nice to see you got a nice chunk of votes for your first poll, I actually picked Johnny. He's young, cool, a smart-mouth dude, so he resonates with me. I kinda don't know much about the FF Villains besides Doom but I do know about Galactus, so he got my vote.

  2. Yeah I got the idea from you, JT, so thanks! It's a nice way to keep the poll results up without leaving a bunch of clutter on the sidebar.

    Johnny used to be the only character I liked on the FF, but as I get older I'm really starting to dislike him. The whole "stealing his best friend's girl" story has still got me riled up. And yes, that happened in the comic like 20 years ago, but I'm just now reading that part of the series :)

  3. Well in that case, glad I could help buddy.

    Haha, I love that it happened 20 years ago. So what exactly happened, I mean was he sneaky about it or just out in the open with it like "Yeah, I'm dating your woman now."

  4. Nice poll result!

    I picked the Thing. I've always loved his attitude, and sense of humour - plus he goes toe-to-toe with the Hulk!

    In the first FF comic I ever picked up (yip, over 20 years ago) he arrived back on earth and found the Human Torch shacking up with his girlfriend! How can you not get a guy's back when he goes through something like that?

  5. After reading the comments from you and Dan, Kello, I'm embarrassed to admit that I chose Johnny... Sure he's a snake in the grass and hopped on Ben's girl the first chance he had, but he... Huh, I've got nothin'. I can't even defend Johnny's actions! I will say this though, Johnny was in the wrong for moving in like he did, but Ben was the one who ditched Alicia for a bunch of months and then expected her to be standing there waiting for his return. I like to think that Ben was the one who made the bigger mistake of the two by expecting Alicia to live her life in stasis until Ben came back.

    As for why I picked Johnny, it's his youth. He's the member of the team I think I'd most want to be. Good-looking young guy, drives the best cars, and can burst into flames to impress the ladies. Johnny's got it all!

    So whereabout are you as you continue your trek through the World Fantastic, Kello? You must be in the 300's by now I'd guess. Anything about the issues you've read recently you might want to share?

  6. Wooo!! I voted for him and he won, my vote counted!!!! Lol. To be honest I voted for Mr. Fantastic because I have a thing for those who can stretch. Also as bad as this may sound, after I saw the first FF movie I loved Mr. Fantastic in the movie. Plus he's a total nerd like myself! Lol.

    So he gets my vote!! Oh yeah!

  7. Falisha- I love stretchy powers too. I think next to super speed, it's the best power to have.

    X-Man- You make a good point about Ben making Alicia wait. It's just that in every "possible future" story, Alicia ends up with Ben. I can't help but associate the two characters. So to see Johnny be the one to kill that connection is a big let down.

    I finally made it through issue 296(that was...interesting) and I started issue 307 this morning. I don't really read ahead until I put up the reviews, so it has been slow going. I hope to get those up soon.

  8. Yeah, Ben and Alicia always seem to wind up together, but still, ditching your blind girlfriend for MONTHS seems like a pretty heelish thing for good ol' Mr. Grimm to do! But then again getting together with Ben's best friend isn't really the right way to go either...

    Ah, well after reading the post you put up today, I totally understand the delays. No Internet would be TOUGH! That'd be like living back in the Stone Age! :D I'm definitely looking forward to those reviews around issue #300.

  9. I'm a bit late to commenting, but I voted for the Thing on this one. To me he's always been the heart and soul of the FF, as well as the comic's biggest wild card. I love the early issues when you're not sure if he'll actually become a legitimate bad guy, and the long, troubled path he's taken to come to terms with his transformation is, I'm convinced, one of the great modern tragedies.

    That's not to knock the others at all, but without Ben's distinctive personality and the specific dilemma of his being trapped in a monstrous body, I just don't think the Fantastic Four would function nearly as well as they do.