Saturday, August 21, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Hey everyone,

It's the eternally eager editor of Four Freedoms (and your friend) Kello here, to tell you that my updates are going to be few and far between for a little while. I lost internet service where I live, and so I'm divising a system of typing reviews at home and uploading them online elsewhere (like right now, I'm up at the library). It's obviously not a hard thing to do, but I like to fiddle with posts a lot before I pulbish them, and it's more comfortable to do so at home. I mean, I can't even have iced tea in here. But as always, the show must go on, and I have a "staying current" post to do, as well as some "box" reviews. So until I post everyday, vive le fantastique!

One of the upcoming "box" pulls. There are some dark (albeit hilarious) reviews ahead for this site.