Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Homages: Ha Ha!

I saw the top of this issue peaking out of a spinner rack at my local Hastings store (so what, I live in the middle of nowhere) and noticed the words "Comic Book" had the same font as the old Fantastic Four logo, so imagine my surprise when I saw the cover.

For those of you who don't know, the Comic Book Guy is doing his best impression of the giant green creature from the cover of 1961's Fantastic Four #1.
Looking inside the comic, there were a few obvious homages paid to iconic covers, such as the Death of Supergirl in the original Crisis on Infinite Earths. While I heavily debated buying the issue, I somehow mustered some strength and put it back. But I did get to thinking that the cover to Fantastic Four#1 has had a lot of imitators over the years. A quick Google image search later showed me that Comicvine actually catalogued them. Here are just a few:

The store also had half-priced(!) volumes of the first 2 Fantastic Four Masterworks editions, which made me think of my friend Marc, and were very tempting as possible purchases. But will power again prevailed. So until I have a billion dollars to blow at Hastings, vive le fantastique!


  1. I've actually seen both those Simpsons covers and the John Byrne FF cover but never the original. And for the record, I've bought games from the website since they usually have buy 2, get 1 for $1 deals.

  2. You're right, Hastings has some great prices on used stuff. I got some Flash and GL trades a while back for about $7 each. The only thing that bugs me is how Marvel issues are all a dollar more because they're newsstand editions.

  3. Omg Kello, you're so lucky to have a Hastings store! I think I would lose my mind in there. LOl. I think I'll go comic searching for some comics.

    But I remember that Simpsons Parady cover, it was actually used as a example for a parady and pastiche project I had for a graphic design class. Lol, it made me laugh.